Data Acquisition savings can be realized through multiplexing expensive resources.

An elegant and cost-effective method is through Digalog Systems CableFreeATE™.

  • DL1-156R 72 SPST Reed Relay

Widely Distributed Data Acquisition Systems with Time Sensitive Networking for Monitoring Structures, Large Vehicles or Manufacturing Environments.

Time-aware networking hardware in an embedded DAQ system allows robust, synchronized sensor measurement 100s of meters apart. Time sensitive networking (IEEE 802.1AS) enables sharing of a common system clock for sampling and deterministic process or robotic control across a structure, vehicle, or manufacturing floor. Combine the high-speed data collection with database storage for big analog data which is searchable and secure.

  • Accurately synchronizes over any network topology
  • Advanced triggering, and event recording
  • Strain, vibration, temperature and many other sensor types
  • High-speed and wide variety of measurements
  • Filter and Computation channels reduce the need for post-processing
  • Customized scaling and sensor calibration
  • Communications:
    • Vehicle communications networks such as CAN, LIN
    • Automation networks: Modbus, Ethernet/IP
    • Any custom communication devices
  • Robust, storing data locally and later transmitting to centralized server
  • Prioritizes the network traffic of critical control applications
  • Uses LabVIEW RT and LabVIEW FPGA for scalability and customization
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