Central to ATE Functional Testing is the ability to reconfigure resource connections to the device-under-test.

An elegant and cost-effective method is through Digalog Systems CableFreeATE™.

  • VPC 64 SPST Reed Relay
  • DL1-156R 72 SPST Reed Relay

Functional end-of-line test development can be a significant contributor to the time-to-market for your product. With a mature test platform, standardization building blocks will significantly reduce time-to-market as well as test development cost.

End-of-Line test systems designed for reuse and standardization take advantages of synergies just as design validation test systems do. In many instances the End-of-Line test equipment is a leveraged subset of the design validation system focused on features such as:

  • Expandability for additional resources and capability
  • Scalability for increased volume
  • Maintainability for reduced Mean-Time-To-Repair
  • Traceability for automated metrology
  • Customization integration to handle unique product features
  • Gather together COTS and custom resources for standardized physical offering
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